Vol. 14    Issue 03   01 - 31 August 2019
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The Epitome of Islamic Universalism and a Mirror of the Muslim Ummah’s Unity and Solidarity

Professor A. R. MOMIN

The Muslim world is characterised by a great deal of social, cultural, economic and linguistic diversity. Though an overwhelming majority of Muslims follow the patrilineal system of descent and kinship, there are some matrilineal societies in Indonesia, India and North Africa. The Arab region is widely and stereotypically, but incorrectly, perceived as socially, ideologically and politically homogeneous. This is far from the truth. The Arab region is characterized by a good deal of ethnic, religious, social, political and regional diversities.   Read more


A Moroccan Oasis Struggles with Climate Change

Droughts, sandstorms and flash flooding: In the southern Moroccan oasis M'Hamid El Ghizlane, the effects global warming is likely to have on the Mediterranean region can already be observed today.

By Raphael Thelen

A sandstorm moves over the oasis town of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, coating buildings and streets with a fine yellowish coating that makes breathing more difficult and burns the eyes. Halim Sbai, 48, looks out at the remnants of the clay walls of his birth home on the edge of the oasis. "Whenever I'm here, the old and the new image of this place are superimposed on each other," he says. "It's then that I see the differences."   Read more


The Legacy of Islamic Civilization in Africa

Professor A. R. MOMIN

Eurocentrism, which connotes a deeply entrenched belief in the supremacy of Western civilization, is a pervasive feature of much of Western intellectual tradition and cultural consciousness. It is conspicuously reflected in the Western view of civilization and modernity, in the historiography of science and technology, medicine and art and in the history of ideas.   Read more

The British Victorians who became Muslims

At the height of the Empire, a select band of British people renounced Christianity and converted to Islam. These are the stories of three such pioneers, who defied Victorian norms at a time when Christianity was the bedrock of British identity.

Solicitor William Henry Quilliam became interested in Islam after seeing Moroccans pray on a ferry during a Mediterranean break in 1887.

"They were not at all troubled by the force of the strong wind or by the swaying of the ship. I was deeply touched by the look on their faces and their expressions, which displayed complete trust and sincerity," he recalled.   Read more


Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman: Legacy of a polymath


How little we know of our own distinguished men and women. How frequently we eulogise false gods, especially in the fields of politics and entertainment. How indifferent we are to the real makers of our nation.   Read more


Mawlana Habib al-Rahman al-A'zami

A Colossus of Hadith Studies

Professor A. R. MOMIN

Mawlana Habib al-Rahman al-A'zami was born in 1319 A.H. (101 CE) in the small town of Maunath Bhanjan in the Azamgarh district of what now constitutes the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Indian Union. His father, Mawlana Muhammad Sabir (d.1365 A.H.) was a man of learning and piety. Mawlana Habib al-Rahman acquired his early education in his hometown and showed signs of exceptional brilliance from an early age. Mawlana Sabir took special interest in the education of his gifted child and put him under the care of a renowned local scholar, Mawlana 'Abd al-Ghaffar (d.1341 A.H.), who was a pupil of the celebrated scholar Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (d.1323 A.H.).   Read more

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