Vol. 11    Issue 19   16 - 28 February 2017
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Water Harnessing Systems During Muslim Rule in India

Minarest Research Network

Muslim rule over large parts of India lasted, intermittently, for over six centuries. Muslim rulers made wide-ranging and highly important contributions to architecture, arts and crafts, technology and engineering, statecraft and administration, military and defence strategies, founding of towns and cities, communication and transportation, water harnessing systems and language and literature. They played an important role in the evolution of India’s syncretic civilizational legacy.

In the 13th century, Mongol hordes overran and ransacked large parts of the Muslim world. In 1258, Baghdad, the centre of political and religious authority in the Muslim world, was sacked by the hordes of Chenghis Khan’s grandson Hulagu. The famed cities of Merv, Khurasan, Naishapur, Isfahan, Samarqand, Bukhara and Balkh were laid to waste and hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed by the marauding Mongol armies. Millions were displaced.   Read more


Recent Trends and Advances in Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance

Minarest Research Network

Islamic economics (الاقتصاد الإسلامي), which belongs to a branch of Islamic law known as fiqh al-mua’malat (فقه المعاملات‎‎), is essentially deals with Islamic legal principles that govern economic and commercial matters. It is based on an explication, in terms of Islamic legal terminology as well as the technical vocabulary of the discipline of economics, of Islamic rules and provisions that regulate financial transactions and other economic activities. Scholars who specialise in Islamic economics emphasize that that the economic system of Islam, which is based on the fundamental principles of equality, social justice, moderation and ease and facilitation for the common man, eschews the excesses and extremes of both capitalism and socialism and offers an alternative model that has the potential to deal with the problem of inequality in an effective manner.   Read more

Canada under pressure to counter Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Rights groups urge Canada to lift cap on refugee sponsorship after US bars entry to refugees and immigrants.

Toronto, Canada - Canada has said it will not boost its refugee intake in 2017, despite widespread calls for Ottawa to take action to counter US President Donald Trump's executive order barring entry to refugees and immigrants from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa.   Read more


Burma: Rohingya girls as young as 13 raped and sexually assaulted by security forces, warns Human Rights Watch

Burmese security forces took part in rape, gang rape, invasive body searches and sexual assaults on Rohingya women and girls in at least nine villages in the northern Rakhine State, report states

May Bulman

Women and girls as young as 13 have been raped and sexually assaulted by soldiers and police officers in Burma, according to an alarming report.   Read more


Donald Trump’s Xenophobic Vision and Its Disastrous Portents for the World

Professor A. R. MOMIN

Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States on the crest of a surge in what some commentators have called “White nationalism” (which is fed on a real or imaginary sense of loss, precariousness, resentment and fear) and a shrill xenophobic and racist rhetoric. Trump’s views and utterances on the campaign trail invited widespread criticism, ridicule and condemnation from various quarters, domestic as well as international. The appointment of persons who are known to harbour racist and xenophobic views as cabinet ministers and advisors, Mr Trump’s policy statements and his executive orders suggest that the worst fears about him have come true.   Read more

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