Vol. 14    Issue 06   01 - 30 November 2019
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Luqman’s Advice to His Son

Professor A. R. MOMIN

According to some commentators of the Quran, Luqman was an eminent sage of pre-Islamic Arabia. According to others, he was an Ethiopian or a Nubian. Regardless of his background, Luqman was known for his wisdom and sagacity. One of the chapters of the Quran is named after him. The Quran says, “We bestowed wisdom on Luqman” (31:12).

The chapter “Luqman” deals with several significant and interrelated themes, including the attributes of Allah and His countless bounties, condemnation of associating partners with Allah, the necessity of fear of Allah, the role, rights and responsibilities of parents, and good conduct and etiquette.   Read more


The Muslims of Romania

Professor A. R. MOMIN

Romania is located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. It has a population of over 20 million.

The presence of Muslims in Romania dates back to the mid-11 century. Ibn Battuta, the famous Berber traveller who pass through Romania in 1334, has written about the presence of Muslims in the region. Ada Kale, a small island in the Danube, was conquered by the Ottomans in the late 14th century. The first Muslim communities in Romania were formed in northern Dobrudja and along the lower Danube in the 14th century in the wake of the establishment of Ottoman rule. Dobrudja was part of the Ottoman Empire for five centuries. Following the Russian-Romanian-Ottoman War (1877), Romania became independent.   Read more

University of Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco: The World’s Oldest Surviving Centre of Islamic Learning

Minaret Research Network

Fez Medina, located in Morocco, is one of the best-preserved historical towns in the Arab world. Since the 9th century, Fez Medina has drawn scholars, students and intellectuals who came from distant lands to acquire Islamic knowledge.

Read more

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