Vol. 13    Issue 10   01 - 15 December 2018
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Multiple Benefits and Blessings of Islamic Prayers

Professor A. R. MOMIN

This article seeks to focus on the spiritual, moral, social, psychological and behavioural, and health dimensions of Islamic prayers, particularly the five-time daily prayers, and on their multiple benefits for the individual as well as the wider community.

Muslim societies around the world exhibit evident diversities. These diversities are observable in the composition of population, social organization, family and kinship systems, languages, ethnicity, sectarian and denominational distinctions, form of government, modes of livelihood and occupational structure, social stratification, settlement patterns, levels of economic development, customary laws, status of women and gender relations, customs and traditions and folklore. Ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity is a conspicuous feature of Muslim societies not only globally but also within nations, regions and groups.   Read more


Professor A. R. MOMIN

Genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims

The Muslim population of Myanmar is ethnically and culturally diverse. About a third of the population comprises descendants of Arab and Persian traders and travellers who began arriving in the country from the 13th century. Another third consists of descendants of Muslims of Indian origin, whose ancestors arrived in the country during the colonial period. The other groups include Muslims of Malay and Chinese ancestry. The Bengali-speaking Rohingya Muslims are descendants of migrants from regions that are today part of Bangladesh in the 19th century.   Read more

Malaysia: The woman who decides if men can take a second wife

By Heather Chen

Islamic law, also known as Sharia, is often associated by critics with harsh punishments and hardline attitudes. But one of Malaysia's first female Sharia high court judges says her role gives her an opportunity to protect women in the Muslim-majority nation.

Judge Nenney Shushaidah presides over five trials a day and can hear up to 80 cases a week.

Malaysia practises a moderate form of Islam but conservative attitudes have been on the rise and the use of Sharia is growing as well. Under a dual-track legal system, thousands of Muslims use it to settle moral and family matters. Non-Muslims are required to follow secular laws that deal with the same matters.   Read more


How climate change could be causing miscarriages in Bangladesh

In small villages along the eastern coast of Bangladesh, researchers have noticed an unexpectedly high rate of miscarriage. As they investigated further, scientists reached the conclusion that climate change might be to blame. Journalist Susannah Savage went into these communities to find out more.  Read more


Singer Yusuf Islam calls for unity, self-development in Muslim world

The Muslim world has to develop its own sense of confidence and ambition, Yusuf Islam, world-famous musician, lyricist and educator, said on Thursday.

"It is hard to find a Muslim country producing its own airplanes, cars or televisions," said Islam, also known as Cat Stevens, speaking at the World Halal Summit 2018 in Istanbul. Islam, who started his music career in the 60s, became a Muslim in 1978. He has a chain of schools and charities.   Read more


Iranian Saffron

Saffron (botanical name: crocus sativus) is the most expensive spice in the world. Iran produces over 90% of the world’s saffron – some 400 tonnes. India is the second largest producer of saffron, followed by Greece, Spain, Morocco and Azerbaijan. The delicate purple leaves of the crocus sativus plant, which sprouts for just 10 days in a year, hold just three or four stamen of saffron. It takes approximately 70,000 to 250,000 flowers to extract one pound of saffron. The flowers have to be hand-picked in autumn when they are fully open, which is mostly done by women. About 15 tonnes of high grade Iranian saffron is exported to world markets every year, where it is repackaged under different brands. Saffron is used in Spanish paella, Indian biryani and Swedish saffron buns.

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