Vol. 12    Issue 21   16 - 30 April 2018
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Professor A. R. MOMIN

Mastermind of Timbuktu’s Vandalism Indicted by ICC

Mali is a landlocked country in Western Africa, with an approximate population of 14.5 million. The population is divided into several ethnic groups, of which the Bambara are the largest. Other ethnic groups include the Fulani, Berbers, Tuareg, Sonike and Songhai. More than 90 per cent of the people live in the southern part of the country. In the northern part, Mali’s plains stretch into the Sahara. Agriculture and fishing form the mainstay of the economy. About half the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day. More than 90 per cent of the population follows Sunni Islam. Mali’s social and cultural life has been heavily coloured by the Sufi tradition. The Qadiriyah and Tijaniya Sufi orders have been particularly influential in the country and in much of Western Africa.   Read more



Professor A. R. MOMIN

The state of Qatar was founded by Shaykh Jasim bin Muhammad al-Thani in the 19th century. Following the end of Ottoman rule, Qatar became a British protectorate in the early 20th century and gained independence in 1971. Since the 19th century, Qatar has been ruled by a hereditary monarchy.   Read more


The Calligraphic World of Soraya Syed

Minaret Research Network

One of the most precious and lasting gifts of Islamic civilization to humanity lies in its revolutionary view of the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and learning. Islam makes it obligatory on every Muslim – man and woman, child and adult, rich and poor – to acquire knowledge and learning. It flung open the doors of knowledge to all and sundry, regardless of the distinctions of gender, class, occupation and status. More importantly, Islam spawned and promoted a culture of writing. Writing, or the commitment of the word to space, enlarges the potentiality of language almost beyond measure. More than any other single invention, writing has transformed human consciousness. The culture of literacy entails an emphasis on the accuracy of transmission and a sense of history. Writing has played a crucial role in the preservation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge.   Read more

Sonia, sadly

Sonia Gandhi's fear that the Congress is being perceived as a Muslim party completes the community’s abandonment

Harsh Mander

Muslims are today’s castaways, political orphans with no home, for virtually every political party. This despite India being home to a tenth of the world’s Muslims, around 180 million people, making it the largest Muslim country after Indonesia and Pakistan. There has never been a harder time to be a Muslim in India, not since the stormy months that followed India’s Partition. It was only the blood of the Mahatma spilled 70 years earlier which then stilled the feverish communal hate that had engulfed the land. But today the large majority of Indian Muslims feel even more profoundly alone and abandoned.   Read more


Alone-ness of being Palestine

After pulverising Gaza, Netanyahu has not permitted almost any rebuilding. Nobody can enter or leave Gaza even for work without the okay of the Israeli authorities.

Kiran Nagarkar

Perhaps at the outset, I should make it clear that I am a quarter Jewish. As such, I feel I owe it to my Jewish grandmother to uphold the highest ethical standards when it comes to Israel or any other country including my motherland, India. If you see that as an act of a turncoat, then you will also have to condemn some of the finest rabbis in the US and all over the world for being loyal to moral values and not to nationalism or my-country-right-or-wrong as many of the Indian political leaders have been insisting on.   Read more

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