Vol. 11    Issue 21   16 - 31 March 2017
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Global Muslim Population To Overtake Christian Population by 2070

Pew Research Centre, a US-based think-tank, has recently projected that the world’s Muslim population will overtake the population of Christians by 2070. The projection is based on census data, surveys and population registers for 234 countries from around the world. According to the projection, the Muslim population is expected to grow twice as fast as the world’s population between now and 2050. The rise in the global Muslim population would be mainly based on two factors: Muslims in general tend to be young, and they have high fertility rates.    Read more


Angela Merkel: Islam is Not the Source of Terrorism

There is a growing perception, especially in many European countries, the United States and Australia, that Islam is the breeding ground for intolerance, aggression and terrorism and that terrorist groups and organisations draw inspiration from the Islamic faith. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to dispel this misconception by declaring, in a clear, unequivocal manner, that Islam is not the cause or source of terrorism. Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2017, with US Vice President Mike Pence in the audience, Merkel emphasised the need for including Muslim countries in the fight against terrorism. She said, “I think Muslim countries first and foremost have to make a contribution because only in this way we would be able to convince people that it is not Islam that is the source of terrorism, but a falsely understood and misconstrued Islam.” She urged Islamic religious authorities to speak forcefully against terrorism. “They must speak clear words on the demarcation of peaceful Islam and terrorism in the name of Islam,” she said.   Read more


Today is the international day for women in science, so what finer chance to celebrate the contributions of Muslim scientists than today! Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has said: “Seeking knowledge is a mandate for every Muslim (male and female).” These women have embodied this and shown the world what it means to be an active achiever and mover of the world in which we live. Here is a roundup of a few from different parts of the world.

Egypt: Aisha Elsafty

Elsafty is a Computer Scientist at the University of Cambridge. She specialises in ‘AdHoc networking,’ the connecting of computational devices via wireless technology that are used to establish networks in disaster areas and developing countries.

“My faith inspires my work in many different ways. The Qur’an gives emphasis on putting our actions and beliefs into an analytical test, and to continuously challenge the views of our predecessors. This attitude is essential for all scientists and it is very clear in computer science where claims can be interpreted, understood and verified in mathematical and logical formats.”

India: Sameena Shah

Shah is a Senior Research Scientist at Thomson Reuters, New York. She is the winner of the 2009 Google India Women in Engineering Award. Shah works extensively in Artificial Intelligence. She presented an algorithm in computerized cognitive leaning that she and a team of colleagues developed at IIT Delhi, India.

“I love research in Computer Science because it satiates my inherent desire to understand the logic behind things. Things, which are seemingly random, may have an underlying structure. The joy for me lies in discovering patterns, creating algorithms, proposing a theory and making my own little contribution to the world.”   Read more

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