Vol. 12    Issue 4   16 - 31 July 2017
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Professor A. R. MOMIN

50 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestine

Speaking at a Knesset event in June 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to have said, “Everyone has a right to live in his home and no one may uproot him.” As it coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Netanyahu’s statement appears as the epitome of irony. Evidently, what Netanyahu meant was the right of Jews to live in their ‘ancestral homeland’. He is least concerned about the right of Palestinians to continue to live with dignity in the land where their ancestors have lived for centuries. The fact that thousands of Palestinians were forcibly uprooted from their villages in the wake of the establishment of Israel in 1948 does not bother him.    Read more



Professor A. R. MOMIN

Islamic economics, which belongs to a branch of Islamic law known as fiqh al-mua’malat, is essentially deals with Islamic legal principles that govern economic and commercial matters. It is based on an explication, in terms of Islamic legal terminology as well as the technical vocabulary of the discipline of economics, of Islamic rules and provisions that regulate financial transactions and other economic activities. Scholars who specialise in Islamic economics emphasize that that the economic system of Islam, which is based on the fundamental principles of equality, social justice, moderation and ease and facilitation for the common man, eschews the excesses and extremes of both capitalism and socialism and offers an alternative model that has the potential to deal with the problem of inequality in an effective manner.    Read more

Trump’s crusade against Qatar isn’t about terrorism – it’s revenge for a failed business deal

Was Qatar singled out for punishment because it cosies up to Iran and is the world’s biggest supporter of terrorism? Or was it because it failed to back The Family?

Anthony Harwood

Another day, another story about one of The Trump Family being up to no good.

First it was a meeting between the President’s oldest son, Donald Jnr, with a pro-Kremlin lawyer who said she had damaging information on Hillary Clinton before the election.

Reports claimed he was specifically told that Natalia Veselnitskaya had material from the Russian government which could help his father’s candidacy.

But he let his visitor into Trump Tower anyway.

Donald Snr was not in the room but his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was at the meeting which took place after Trump secured the Republican nomination last year.  Read more

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