Vol. 12    Issue 8   01 - 31 September 2017
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Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar: The World’s Largest Stateless People

Minaret Research Network

The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, estimated to number about a million, are the world’s largest state-less people. Most of them live in northern Rakhine. Myanmar does not recognise them as citizens though they have been living in the country for centuries. The Rohingya are at the receiving end of discrimination, demonization and persecution. The government has placed wide-ranging restrictions on their movement, access to employment, education, healthcare and even marriage. They are condemned to lead a life of squalor and extreme deprivation.    Read more



Minaret Research Network

Maldives, a tiny tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, comprises over 1,000 coral islands that are spread over 298 square kilometers. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit Maldives for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and coral reefs. The current population of Maldives is 417,000. Male, the capital of Maldives, is one of the most densely populated cities, with a population of 133, 412.

Maldives is an upper middle income economy with a GDP (PPP) of $15,981, the highest among South Asian countries. The economy is based on tourism, which accounts for 28% of the GDP, fishing and export of coir fibre.    Read more

70 Years of India’s Partition: A Legacy of Division, Suffering and Mistrust

Minaret Research Network

Substantial parts of India were under the control of the East India Company from 1600 to 1858 and directly under the British Crown from 1858 until 1947. British rule was marked by the reckless exploitation of India’s natural resources, the destruction of local crafts and industries and the subjugation of Indian people. India’s natural and human resources were used by the rulers for furthering their colonial interests and for fuelling the Industrial Revolution. British rule was met with fierce resistance from the Indian people, which was manifested in countless acts of revolt and sabotage and in the historic rebellion of 1857. These movements of resistance were brutally crushed by the British rulers.   Read more


They're demolishing Muslim stereotypes, a tweet at a time

By Himanshi Dhawani

Last week, a Hyderabad court acquitted 10 accused in the 2005 Hyderabad suicide bomber case. The blast had earlier been pinned on the Harkatul Jihad-e-Islami (HUJI) of Bangladesh, but the police's special investigation team could not back its claims. While most newspapers and TV channels reported the news, the hardship suffered by the 10 Muslim men who languished for 12 years in prison, was largely buried. Twocircles.net, a non-profit community-run news site, highlighted the struggle that some of those arrested went through.  Read more

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