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 Islam and Muslims in Europe    by Dr Tariq Ramadan

Which Muslim presence?

One cannot say enough about the importance of taking into account the aspect of time when evaluating the integration process of Muslims in Europe. Behind the veil of tension and violence in certain suburbs, a profound, new, unique energy is sweeping among the young generations of the Muslim communities. In less than ten years, a new conscience has arisen around the issues of the social, political and economic ventures which are trying to find a place to manifest. The nineties in this respect was a period of transition and gestation, a challenge without a doubt. But yet, how rich and promising as well. More and more young Muslims of the second generation are acquiring confidence and a political maturity founded not only from the awareness of their own identity, but also from a thoughtful analysis on the legal, social, political and economic parameters. They achieved what their parents had not been able to and developed an attitude less and less frivolous and more and more participatory on the local and regional level.

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